Humanitarian OSM Stats

Since 2010 organized humanitarian mapping has evolved as a constant and growing element of the global OpenStreetMap (OSM) community. You can use this site as your #1 source for stats and numbers about the monumental task of mapping in OpenStreetMap (OSM) for humanitarian purposes.

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Our analysis is based on user-generated, collaboratively collected free geographic data from OpenStreetMap. OSM data is available under the Open Database License. Please donate your geographic data to OSM!

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) applies open mapping in OSM towards humanitarian action and community development. The open-source Tasking Manager hosted by HOT ist the major tool used to coordinate the efforts of thousands of remote mappers. Our statistics rely on a dump of the Tasking Manager database, which is provided by HOT once a week.

We are working on a series of blog posts which explain the statistics and insights that can be gained through the data presented at this website.

Please note, that everything presented here is very much work in progress. We are planning to open-source the code used for the analysis. However, this might take some more time and please be patient with us. The content of this site will be changing and it might be moved to another place at some point in time. So see this rather as a proof of concept we built for the 2020's State of the Map conference.

The Team

The data pre-processing and the service deployment is done by the HeiGIT team members. Please contact us if you are interested in using it for your research, need stats for your own application or if you have any questions or suggestions related to the statistics presented on this website.

At HeiGIT we want to bring humanitarian aid and sustainable development to the next level of digital innovation and effectiveness through enhancing geo-data, GIS work flows and technology.

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