Tasking Manager

Activity based on sessions.

Recent Performance

To assess the recent Performance we need to define an end goal. Since everything that is added to OSM should be reviewed at least once we need as many validated as we need mapped task per month.

The following figures show the differences between the desired state and reality.


Contributions to the OSM database analyzed with OSHDB.


What is the community behind the mapping? Who is contributing how much?

This graph shows how many percent of the userbase were active on at least x days. For example 100% were active at least one day, but less than 1% is active for more than 50 days.

It can give insight into long term involvment and motivation of users and how good users are retained.

With the lorenz curve graph you can see how many percent of users combined do how much of the total work. If "share users" shows a value of 0.95 while e.g. "Mapped" shows a value of 0.25 it would mean that 95% of all users who mapped at least one task together contributed 25% of all mapped tasks.

This graph shows how the work is distributed to the userbase. A linear line would mean that every user does the same amount of work. The more concave the line is the more work is done by a small group of people.

Top 10 List

To highlight some of the most active users which take care of a large chunk of the total work we have compiled a top 10 list for the last month.

Top 10 Validators last month:

No. User Validated Tasks Mapped Tasks


Get the data and take a look yourself.

No. Dataset Name Dataset Type Dataset Description